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So, today the weather had a little change in direction!

Met Office said around -4, but with the strong wind factor it would feel like -9! And alongside the downfall of snow it was pretty fresh!


However, I’ve got 2 weeks til my first duathlon and need to up my training! My last one was in November and since then I took a break from regular training………..first error.

We then had Christmas, I managed to get a chest infection which then moved to a sinus infection, shortly after clearing up we had an all inclusive holiday to Dubai in February. I returned and then seemed to have a 10day chesty issue again.


Let’s say training is possibly back at step 1. Maybe I should have ensured the 1st error above never happened?!!


Anyhow, shit happens, choices are personal and made, and I’m back on the horse and riding again!


Yesterday morning I did a fast 5k, probably the first since Xmas and it hurt. Time wasnt bad, but it hurt.

Today, with a busy day of PT, was going to be a rest day, but during a break I decided, “No! Training is back on!” so I got dressed up and jogged up to the local park.


Conveniently, a lap of the park is spot on 400m. So, I basically ran at 5k race pace (almost max) for a lap, I then walked for 2mins, and repeated for 6x 400m.


Damn it hurt. Legs burning from lactic acid.

Lungs burning from boiling blood…………..alright not quite, but it felt like it!


This form of training will get your legs working at max effort, and, if done regularly will improve both your overall running speed, but your bodies ability to work with, and limit your lactate threshold, or the effort you can maintain when lactic acid starts to accumulate (that burning session that usually slows you down, or makes you stop!)

Plenty who may have seen me running in this weather, or reading this could be thinking “Why?!” – if that’s the case, it basically means you don’t have a target/goal/objective that means enough to you! I would have left this session a few months back, but when you have something to aim for (race day, and a self-respecting time) everything you do matters;

Eating and drinking to help recovery and performance

Stretching after and during sessions

Foam rolling between sessions

Sports massages between sessions

Effort during sessions

Sleep time, quality and duration

Habits and routines!


When you have something to aim for, habits and routines alter slightly to reflect what and why you are doing something.


Do you need to adjust your habits? If so, it might not be related directly to the habit. Try looking at a new focus or plan, and if it means something to you, you may just find your habits altering too!

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