Do What You Said You Would Do!

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Do What You Said You Would Do!

What are you focussing on?

– Do you KNOW what needs to be done, if so are you doing it?

– Do you KNOW the outcome you are aiming for by doing the above?

– Do you KNOW what obstacles might crop up, and are prepared if they do?

– Do you KNOW how long you’ll be spending on the task, and do you KNOW when it’s “good to go”?




Are you working on the “task to hand” but eyes and thoughts are straying to others jobs, notifications or trying to multi task?

Are you confused as to what the next steps are?

Do you know something needs to happen/change, but don’t know where to start?

Are you being easily led by small, easy tasks that carry no real outcome or benefit?

Are you lacking clarity on what/where/how/why ?




See things get confusing, overwhelming, frustrating when the “goals” keep changing, you change your focus, or in fact, don’t actually have a focus.

The reason sports teams lose in the last 5 minutes, or single sportsmen/women “choke” when needed is because they take their MIND off the task at hand….. they start thinking about how long is left, what the future will be like, what’s happening ahead of the NOW.

The NOW is always where it’s at.


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