Do you expect, or hope for results?

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Sunday just gone I took part in my 2nd duathlon of 2013. The year didn’t start great, as, along with most people I had a chest infection which moved to a sinus infection over December. We got Xmas out the way and then went on an all-inclusive holiday in February. – Well I’d paid for it, so I was going to enjoy it!


This mean’t we were back home end of February, and this left 6 weeks of training (bike and running) to prepare for my first duathlon……hmm not ideal, but the dates are set, so that’s that!


This meant;

1) I had to train hard

2) I had to train often

3) I had to rest and recover well

4) I needed to eat well

and regularly….

The above are pretty much the 4 basic, yet fundamental principles to getting results. Do something that works, and do it often! This relates back to my last blog post.


But it also seems to be the thing a lot of people don’t do. They might start well, but then tail off. Quite often the reason for this, is the “WHY?” isn’t strong or meaningful enough. When you have a reason (Mine being my booked duathlons, the fact I’m quite competitive with myself and I want to improve each time!) that actually means something to you, the 4 steps above WILL get done!


If you don’t follow the 4 steps above, and have that all important “Why?” you’re leaving things to chance. You’re not in control of your results. You’re hoping for results rather than knowing you’ll get results.


For example, I’d trained hard leading up to Sunday’s event, I also wear a Garmin GPS watch, so mid event I roughly knew what my times were. But the main reason was, I was pushing myself hard.

My Lungs were burning.

My Legs were burning.

I was feeling this effort!



Even if my times weren’t better than a previous duathlon or training sessions (At the end of the day, unless you’re racing EXACTLY the same course/track, you can’t really compare a 5k run with another 5k run!) I knew I’d given my all and that my time would be reflective of the effort I’d put in on the day and the weeks leading up to it.


Compare this to maybe getting on the scales – I’ve seen people climb on with precision care as if getting on slowly and steady will give a lighter/different result!

I’ve had people on twitter, asking me what they should eat today for lunch/evening meal (‘Same as normal I reply”) – to be told they are going to their diet club in the evening and can’t eat normal, or “that” because they are being weighed!













If you’re having to change your food just a few hours before a weigh-in, then you haven’t planned or eaten well the other 6 days of the week!

Results come from doing the good things well and doing them regularly.

If you find you’re not getting results, and often, look at the above statement, address your “Why” and then go back over the 4 steps above.


Results don’t come easy, after all, if they did, everyone would be getting them 😉

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