Do you need to be 100mph?

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Had a client this morning who admitted she finds it hard to relax.
Hard to shutdown for a period of time, and just switch off from everything, and providing.

This is crucial to not just wellbeing and stress levels, but also for the ability to control your emotions.

See if you operate, maybe you do, at 100mph all the time- well, imagine a car travelling that speed all the time, everywhere- what’s likely to happen at some point?


In my experience, those who work at top speed all the time are lacking Structure, a Plan, and “control” over certain daily happenings, which has a knock on effect to other areas in daily life.

For sure, going “fast” is fine at times and works well (I’ve been classed as “tigger on Duracell” before )
But having only ONE speed is a recipe for emotional burnout, anxiety, stress and frustration.

Here’s some tips, choose at will;

– Meditation
– Fictional reading
– KNOW what you’re trying to achieve
– from a todo list select a maximum of 3 ESSENTIAL things that need to get done in a day – any more is a bonus, but those 3 are a priority
– check out the Pomodoro effect/system
– say “No” sometimes
– realise you will NEVER get EVERYTHING done so stop trying to do so!
– know that when YOU are at your best, everyone around you will get your best. Be at 50% and that gets reflected.
– plan everything that is essential to your day before starting

– DON’T be afraid to ask for help – if someone can help you, move you forward or do something better than you- speak to them!

– Remember, everything WILL be alright

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