Doesn’t Muscle weigh more than fat?!

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This is a big myth that often does the rounds, and after reading another Personal Trainer using it on Twitter this morning, I thought I’d set things straight!!

It’s often touted by women (sorry!) after starting an exercise regime and finding their weight going up or staying the same after a few weeks.


1lb is 1lb.

This could be chocolate, feathers, muscle or fat.

End of!


The issue is that fat actually takes up more space within the bodies cells and therefore appears “bulkier” than the compact, tight muscles fibres.

The above shows you a view of this.

So if you took someone who weighs 11stone, with 35% bodyfat, they will look a lot bigger than somone else who is also 11stone but maybe 20% bodyfat.

This is another reason why scales won’t give you that “perfect” answer.

Weight is not necessarily fat. The interest should be in your bodyfat % and how your clothes fit.

Therefore if you run, run hard, sprint for your sessions.

Don’t do regular long bouts of steady cardio which will raise cortisol and inturn push the body to store fat .

Lift weights regularly, be this bodyweight exercise or resistance training.

Reduce sugars in your diet, and eat natural foots like meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Go more with aesthetics, how clothes fit and how you look, and with the above tips and the right mindset you will get there!

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