Don’t cling to everything

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Something we’ve all done before is over-worry.

– About a possible outcome – not really KNOWING what will happen, but overthinking until we leave our brain with no option but to scan past occurrences, and cobble together some BS scenario that is marginally close to the current one, yet fits the “future projection”.

– Something we did or said – then sat with the outcome beating ourselves up, telling ourselves “I should have known better…..” or sitting with that gut swirling emotion of guilt or shame.

– The outlay it took – Out of principle, based on how long it took to decide or implement something, how much it might have cost financially, and because of this we feel it’s the ‘best’ or possibly ‘only option” viable.

It may just be a case of the time you give the issue internally, the internal dialogue, the “thoughts and talk”

but 3 questions to STOP and ask yourself to help move on;

1) What is the impact both to me and others if I continue “holding on with this”?

2) How would I feel if I didn’t have this ‘issue/thought’ right now?

3) What can i do right NOW to move forward and leave this ‘problem’ behind?
Because more often than not the issue doesn’t exist as a problem in the physical world, the only place if continues to manifest itself, anchor itself down, and continue to hold tight is in your own mind and thoughts.


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