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We are surrounded by junk foods, packed with sugar, fat and salt and generally damaging our bodies and energy levels.┬áBefore the “Everything in moderation” police start getting all high blood pressure on us, sure , everything in moderation, but what is moderation to you? If it’s one of these on a daily basis, or more than once a week, you’re fooling yourself!!

Pork scratchings / Pork Pie

OK, I’ve made 2 into one here! Firstly, the old pub favourite! Don’t think you’re getting the prime cuts of pork here! You’ll get fatty pig skin deep fried and then rolled in salt, guaranteed to get your blood sugar levels soaring (along with alcohol, moreso) and your arteries clogged – look out for those lovely hairs standing out the scratching! Pork Pie! Hmm…You only have to look at it really! A coating of jelly fat on the outside then all that strange pink meat int he middle, riddled with white fat…..just what your body wants! Again, that’s no prime meat….think end of the day, sweeping the floor with all the off cuts of pork. That’s what you’re getting. Eyelids, shinbone, all the leftovers………enjoy!

Stuff crust pizza

OK, as if there is not enough cheese already on the pizza, (and especially if you’re eating out at a Hut that supplies pizza) you get more saturated fat in your pizza. Did yuo know that one slice of their “meat feast” is around 400kcals?! Throw in the rest of the pizza, soft drinks and chicken wings and you’re looking at about 2 days calories in one sitting!

Fizzy drinks
Yep, even the diet stuff. If you’re thirst drink water, stuff your body can use. But full of either sugar, or sweeteners, such as aspartame that has links with cancer growth and you’re on your way to diabetes, hormone crashes, and tooth decay.
Add in those drinks that are bright red or blue….yep that’s natural alright. I wonder what it does to your insides, when you finish a glass, and look at the coloured stain it leaves behind?! Carry on drinking these to look like this;

Nice piece of junk food here. Coated, filled, glazed, sugared, jam, custard, you can get all sorts of extra calories loaded into this handful. Created with refined flour, refined sugar and then the frying in the refined oil makes it a luxury for your digestive system……. I just love the places that sell them in either bags of 6 or 12 as well…….

Burger Restaurants

Yep we know the 2 main ones.

Ok, do you really think you’re eating a burger that gets warmed/served via a microwave?!

Did you know the only thing that stops the burgers being classed as a dessert, because of the amount of sugar in the them, is that they’re served in a “bun” ?!

Ever noticed that they don’t serve vinegar with their “fries”?? Reason being is the acid in the vingar will shrivel those bad boys up before your eyes…that’s not potato in there…in fact I don’t know what’s in there really!

A milkshake from these outlets will contain around 300kcals and 120g of carbs…..that’s a lot of hill sprints to burn that off, throw in a big mac and some fake fries, and you’re looking at around 1400kcals, about a woman’s daily requirements, all for a spot of lunch.


Yep you, know….”once you pop, you can’t stop”………..I’ll tell you why, because they contain MSG or monosodium glutamate, that is a flavour “enhancer”, and again screws your body up. Someone also told me they only put the flavouring on one side, because it’s only the “ridge” that touches your tongue, due to it’s shape, so why waste flavour and money on both sides? A cheap company and one that damages your health………

Want to share any other favourites?!!!

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