Don’t try and chase 2 rabbits!

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So Friday I got an email from someone on my email list;


” Could you unsubscribe me please? I feel I get too many emails from you to act upon the information given”


Hmmmmm, ok.

My first response was “No problem the unsubscribe button is at the bottom of the email – click away”


As said before, I give my information, that works, for free, with the aim of helping people.

Plus I actually pay for people to be on my mailing list – don’t want the info? That’s cool!


Second, we’ve ALL got busy lives, stressfully situations, good and bad habits, things we want to improve.


So how CAN we improve these things?!





1) By taking action and start making changes to the things not working for us


2) and probably the key thing this lady needed….. “Just work on ONE thing at a time to improve”


There’s a phrase, “If you chase 2 rabbits you’ll catch none” – there’s too many distractions and you’ll lose sight of your target.

How many times have you said, “Ahhhhh I’ve got so many things to do, I don’t know where to start?!”


I know I’ve been there!


It’s impossible to multi task effectively.

Not only that, but put your focus on one thing, and that one thing will be A LOT better than if you watered it down with many changes.

– Workouts not happening? Start with small Tabata/circuit style workouts (there’s masses in my LGFG workout book here )


– Food choices going awry? Then focus on one meal such as breakfast choices and get those right for a week, and then move onto lunch etc


– Sleep and bedtimes not great? (A massive impact on fat loss and health), change your evening routine and stick with it for a week.


Take a step back, and work out the important items that need addressing, and then work on just one of those for a week.


Hope this helps  – we all have busy lives, but it’s how we structure things which will give regular positive results or not.

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