Don’t walk on ice, it ain’t nice

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As you probably know by now, I’m a massive believer in taking action.

(but not so good at rhyming^^)

It’s this that get’s things done.

Sometimes it pays off,

sometimes it doesn’t – but if you learn from as many things as possible, you can only improve.


One hurdle many get stuck at is the; “Waiting For The Perfect Moment”


“I can’t do it this week, because of…….
Next month isn’t great because of……
Can I leave today because of…….”

For sure, sometimes “reasons” are valid, but if you continue to wait for the perfect moment,
often you either miss the boat, or that “perfect moment” never arrives.

You sometimes are better off just jumping on board and working with what you have.
“Change” can be a big factor in putting stuff off.
Many dislike it because it means a period of time
when you lose control and have to re-adjust.

With our busy lives, this seems like an inconvenience or hassle,
but if it’s likely to bring better thoughts, body and future, surely it’s worth riding it out?
Being “too busy” is another reason people use
for not changing or implementing stuff.

If this is you, try this task I use with some of my PT’s I mentor;
Create a sheet or spreadsheet with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday across the top (can be other days!)
Then down the left put 7:00-7:30, 7:30-8:00 etc
Then record everything you do during these times for 3 days.
Emails, workout, facebook, twitter, kids lunches, getting ready, reading etc etc, everything.
End of 3 days go back and see if you repeat things too often (Facebook and email are culprits) and then look to cull certain times;
 “I’ll only check Facebook at lunchtime and after tea” or “emails 3 times a day for 15mins each.

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Sometimes you have to take a step back
to make moving forward easier,
but just ensure you are taking steps,
not walking on ice and waiting for “that perfect moment”
As a motto on my wall in my gyms says;
“Nothing is a failure if you learn from it” – don’t be afraid to try something new if it could improve you!




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