Drop 7lbs in seconds?

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So you up for it?!

I’m sure you are….everyone wants the quick fix for everything in life.

Well, I can sort the above.

Still interested?!

Ok, here’s what you have to do;

Better Posture!    Wait tho!!………..

I’m serious though….either now or later, go and stand in a mirror, or take a picture of yourself in underwear (Don’t worry, you don’t need to post it!)

Stand as naturally as possible, front, side and back.

Do you like what you see?!

No? Then firstly, SORT YOUR NUTRITION!!!

Secondly……. are you prodding your stomach? Thinking you’d like to flatten this a bit more?

Then keep looking in the mirror………clench your bum cheeks, pull your belly button in (as if you’re doing an upright plank), keeping the belly button pulled up and under rib cage, whilst keeping your shoulder blades back and down, and head tall.

So……….like what you see moreso? Do you actually feel a little more confident than you did 5 seconds earlier?

Amazing what “better” posture can do!

You see, the pooch belly, as it’s sometimes known is down to poor posture….sure if you’re carrying a lot of surplus weight there is some further work to be done, but if you noticed a difference doing the above, then you need to work on your posture, to tighten the core muscles, and put yourself in a more natural, taller position, that CAN and WILL make you look about 1/2 a stone lighter, whilst dropping that “Pooch Belly”.

So how are you going to do it?!

1) As often as you can, squeeze and hold that belly button in, and under the rib caged….tense! This will train the muscles to stay in this position….do it when driving, standing etc. Conciously stand tall, shoulder blades back and hold it in tight!

2) When standing, clench your butt cheeks, get these “firing”

3) Get working on planks (check this video for that) and stretching your hip flexors! (check this video to improve)

You see, prolonged periods of sitting down, tighten up your hip flexors (the muscles running up the front of the thigh, connecting to your pelvis. When these shorten/tighten through prolonged sitting, they pull the pelvis anteriorly forward, which will make stomach pop forward or pooch! Check out this stretch and perform as often as you can daily!

On top of this, you’re shoulders will tend to round forward, making you appear shorter, and protruding from the stomach….and about 7lbs heavier!

Finally……know who the picture is of above??

Elle “The Body” Mcpherson! We all need a bit of work every now and then!?!

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