Duathlon time again!

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Thos that follow this blog may know that I ruptured my bicep tendon in November, and following surgery it’s taken about 4 months before I could start working out again.


After the initial excitement of getting back into things, I hit a bit of a wall with motivation and focus. Yep it can happen even to PT’s.


Well last night I bit the bullet!


About 5 years ago I did a season of duathlons, and did alright! Haven’t done much running or biking since, but decided to signup again for the London Duathlon at Richmond park in September. By biting the bullet and booking the event, it’s now kicked my arse into gear – as I’ve got to train for something I’ve booked.

Not having that fixed goal/event could have left me doing a bit of this and a bit of that- with no real focus – so I’m pleased I’ve done that now.

10k run, followed by 40k bike, followed by 5k run.


I’ll be combining various run and bike training (sprints, hills, long distances) etc with kettelebell work, squats, deadlifts, lunges and core work alongside my TribeFit plan/group on my forum


Struggling for motivation? Come and join us and get a target set!


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