Easter Chocolate?!

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With this weekend being Easter, your diet/training is going to be tested with “over the top” amounts of chocolate on offer, and additional wheat and sugar in the form of hot cross buns.

You may well have only just got back on track after the Christmas binge, so don’t let this weekend put you back in your goals, aims and targets.

If you’re going to eat some chocolate, do me, and yourself a favour, and actually eat CHOCOLATE !! By this, I mean eat some chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa, where possible aim for 85% + Real cocoa contains antioxidants which will help the body eliminate damaged cells in the body. It will also not give you the bloodsugar crashes which “normal” chocolate will.

Have a look at the ingredients of an 80% cocoa chocolate and you’ll maybe see some sugar listed, and if so, it will probably be in the last 2 ingredients. The order of ingredients is from the most used/concentrated, down to the least amount used in the product.

Compare this to a “commercial brand” chocolate and sugar will be one of the first ingredients, meaning it is mostly sugar. Also, don’t look just for sugar in the list, anything that ends in xxxxOSE is a sugar, so you may see glucose syrup, glucose etc. These products ARE NOT chocolate, they are just a sugar rush and calories in a packet. Want love handles? Munch away on this fake chocolate!

Buy a good quality chocolate, have a piece a day rather than binge, and don’t eat excessively – you know what the outcome would be.

Also, it really is no excuse to overload your children with the same rubbish. Do they really need 3-4 eggs? No, you’re not helping them, you’re rotting their teeth, and if they’re consuming high amounts of sugar through juices, crisps, biscuits, cakes etc, you’re pushing them further towards obesity and diabetes.

Be responsible, not just for yourself but your children.

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