Eating eggs is bad for your cholesterol

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“Eating the yolk of eggs is bad/raises your cholesterol”


Firstly, yes the yolk contains cholesterol, it contains fat, but it also contains many 3/4 of the vitamins and minerals you get from an egg, including;

– Vitamin A, E, B, D
– Selenium
– Potassium
– Iron

I have heard that the initial “eggs raise cholesterol” was a line “investigated” by a big cereal company……… I wonder what they were trying to promote there then?!!

There have been no studies showing that “dietary cholesterol you eat” affects/raises blood cholesterol. In fact, having a slightly higher than recommended cholesterol reading causes less chance of a heart attack/disease than a low cholesterol reading! Confusing?! You bet! More signs that we are “fed” information according to what companies want us to hear!

As with all animal based food, always buy the best quality you can, free range as a minimum and organic where possible. Meat and eggs are only as good nutritionally as the animal it came from, it’s surroundings, life, and stress levels. If you’re eating from a battery/caged chicken, then the quality of the egg is not going to be very good.

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