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And we’re talking workouts!!

One of the things many people lack with workout sessions is intensity.

Every workout you do doesn’t have to be “balls to the wall” but to to continue, progress, get better (performance and aesthetics) you need to workout intensely once a week (ask someone else and you’ll get a different perspective but this is my view!!)


Those that have followed my blog will know back in November I ruptured my bicep tendon, meaning surgery and about 5 months without working out. During this time I was fully focussed to get back as to where I was before the injury, and planned my “comeback”.

However, once I started back, weirdly I lost a lot of motivation to workout and push myself. Yep sounds weird for a Personal Trainer (see we’re all human!) but whether it was time out, starting from scratch, fear of it happening again who knows but I found all my “plans” disappeared and workouts became erratic and lacked intensity and reason.

After a few months, I decided enough was enough. 5 years ago I did a season of duathlons and enjoyed them – so I signed up to the London Duathlon (5k/40k/10k) in October and had a reason to train! Since then I’ve also booked a 60mile cycle event next month and am planning more.

I’ve found my reason to get back training!


Anyhow – biking is my primary focus at the moment with next months event as yesterday I set out early and did a steady 35miles to get the leg endurance up.

I also invested in a turbo trainer which sits in my home office and lets me get 30-45min sessions in between work and crap weather!


This morning I did a few weights and then for some reason (as I’ve so far only be training for endurance purposes) decided to do a 10mile time trial as quick as possible. (At this point I’d like to say I went out with the wife for a meal last night …steak, half bottle of white wine and a couple of rum n cokes…probably not the best fuel!)


Anyhow I set off at quite a quick pace, and soon the lactate started to build. Looking at my cycle computer I was only 3 miles in……shit! I was seriously sweating….maybe rum, maybe wine, but I was leaking big time!!

Now, believe it or now (from the above!) I’m quite competitive with myself! If I set myself a target I do the best I can….a battle with myself to do better next time so this wasn’t gonna make me stop.


Anyhow I got through the remaining 7 miles thanks to SlipKnot, Pantera, Minor Threat, DJ Fresh and more on the iPod, and literally fell off at the end!

The time? Not massively great, but it’s a new marker for me to beat, but the intensity was there – I know I created a stimulus in my body for it to change.

So just once a week, more if you can, push yourself through that wall, challenge YOURself to do that bit more, so you can finish a workout thinking, damn, I couldn’t have done any more!


Do this regularly and you’ll certainly see results!

This is why I’m gonna create a members “Hall Of Fame” post on my free forum here. Come on over and join the fun!


Oh dear……the end………!! As if I hadn’t sat down enough for 10 miles 😉


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