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Had an email from Claire who’s asking about

my infamous 21 day weight loss program.

(The one that even other Personal Trainers

have done )

Hi Mark, really interested in the 21 Day

Plan. I just have a few questions though as

I’d like to take advantage of the early bird:


– During the 21 days I have a few social events

planned… can I still do it?


– Do I need to be fit to do it?


– can you clarify exactly what it is I get


You Know, I get a lotta questions like


So I’m gonna cover them so you can decide

right now whether it’s for you or not.

1- Yup.. events and nights out are part of

LIFE! If you’re waiting for the perfect moment..


this is it!

2- Thats a NO. With a capital ‘N’.

See, the program is fully customisable to fit

your fitness <<– see what i did there?

It’s designed to ‘meet whatever level

you’re at NOW and DRASTICALLY improve your

fitness without making you feel exhausted all the time.

3- Going to be brutally honest here.

You ‘get’:

± A better, more toned body

± Group support and a dedicated ‘members’

area with women who are just like you.

Motivating and helping you stay on track, so

that you never have to feel like you’re going

it alone.

± A Flatter, more toned tummy that you’ll

feel more confident about when you’re out and


± Friends, family and colleagues asking “Have

you lost weight?!”

…but here’s what you ‘actually’ get apart

from these confidence boosting benefits.

:: Recipe books jam packed with delicious,

 easy and quick to prepare meals that

will keep you feeling full

:: Done-for-you simple workout plan with the  most effective toning and weight loss

exercises (only take 20 mins MAX)

:: Simple, easy to follow nutrition plan…

telling you exactly what to eat and when to eat it.

and a whole lot more – how many diets/plans have you previously tried?

This is stuff you can use onwards, after 21 days….


So listen up,

If you’re ready to take control of your body, your health and.. lets face it, your life.

Then I can’t make it any easier for you.

You either want in, or you WANT to stay where you are right now.

x    Tired


x    Stressed


x    Bloated


x   Frustrated

and STUCK..

Up to you, my friend.

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