Errr – No thanks

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Considered coming from a place of “No Thanks” today?

Here’s why it could help you out….

As humans, we’re ‘wired’ neurologically,
to care.
See, one of the 5 main ‘subjects’ which can cause us stress or anxiety is when our ‘social standing’ is challenged.

– To ‘worry about what people think’
– To be social
– To be included
– To be accepted socially
– To please

So, more often than not,
we’ll do things to ‘keep the flow’,
uphold equilibrium (check that phrase out for a Monday morning!)
and to say “yes” to things we sometimes shouldn’t or don’t need to.

Maybe it’s easier to?
Maybe nobody else will do it if we don’t
Maybe we don’t want to disappoint
Maybe it’s what we’ve always done?

^^ None of the above are really TRUE, or HAVE to be that way ^^

So if you find yourself saying;
* There’s not enough hours in the day
* Getting to the end of the day and still finding a list to do
* Stressing over tasks
* Feeling you’ve bitten off more than you can chew
* Not doing the things you want to, or should be doing

Maybe smile,
and just say “No” ?!

Sometimes it might be uncomfortable,
but the other person will get over it – especially,
if you can inform them of where you’re at,
and currently doing – there’s really NO issue in saying “No”.

What can YOU say “No thanks!” to today?!

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