Exercise in the rain?!?

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Well this Summer you don’t have much choice in the UK really!?


BUT, many people are put off by exercising in the rain….they see black clouds and a chance of rain, and bin their workout, or are often told by others that training in the rain is a necessity or way of life. But is this the case?

Let’s have a little look into this…….


Today I went out on the bike, as part of my duathlon training, and hit up a 10 mile time trial route I have planned, and monitor for best times/improvement etc. For once the sun came out pre-ride and I thought I was in for a nice ride, so on came the short sleeved cycling top!

However, like most days this Summer,  3 miles in, and down came the rain!

When the rain hits mid ride/run/session, and you’re outside, you don’t have much choice! It’s a case of focus, ignore the rain, and continue with the intensity you have set for the workout, knowing the quicker you finish, the quicker you get in!

This happened today….actually got me pushing the wheels a bit harder, despite the additional head wind. I had the same thing a few years back when doing a duathlon around a race track. Mid run it hammered it down, meaning the 30k bike leg was out in the open, wind and rain…..there’s no choice but to get on with it……moaning or getting depressed is not gonna help!


I read a quote in one of Lance Armstrongs (great) books, saying that his motivation to get out and train when it was raining or snowing, was that if he didn’t, there’s a chance a competitor WOULD be out in it training, and would have that head start!

On the same side, if you’re training for an event, it could be raining on the day, so whats the point in just training in good weather?! Not a lot!

Last 3 miles from home, a van went past me. 2 mins later, for some reason it was coming back on the other side of the road, and the driver leaned over, and as they passed me, put his hand out as if to say “What the FCUK are you doing out in this?!” Well, unless you train regularly you won’t get it mate!!


However, if you’re not training for an event do you still need to be out in the rain, muddy fields etc, lunging and pressup-ing by yourself? Not if you don’t want to! Sure being in a group environment takes the “bad weather” thought patterns away, but by yourself they can creep in!

Sure if you feel up for it, get out, hit a 5k run, and get home, but don’t let the weather be an excuse to do nothing. There’s plenty of bodyweight circuits you can do, requiring zero equipment, and just your bodyweight. There’s plenty on my forum here, and even more in the TribeFit group there. Have a look at my youtube account for video links too.


Exercise isn’t a weather controlled activity. Equally you don’t eat only on sunny days! Exercise, in any form should ideally be something you do regularly, and doesn’t get controlled by the weather, nor equipment!








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