Fat Burning Foods

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Everyone is looking for that little edge to burn a bit more fat, get them ripped, show off the abs.

It’s a long and steady journey people – there are NO quick fixes, and certainly none that are healthy.

BUT, lots of things work better than others, so here’s some to incorporate into your daily diet;


Ginger has been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity , meaning levels of circulating fat were reduced, as well as resting blood sugar and total cholesterol (Al-Amin, Thomson, Al-Qattan, Peltonen-Shalaby, & Ali, 2006).


Cinnamon has been found in reports to decrease circulating fatty acids, circulating glucose and  “bad” cholesterol whilst  increasing “good” cholesterol (Khan, Safdar, Ali Khan, Khattak, & Anderson, 2003). These are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and weight gain

Grapefruit juice has been shown in numerous studies to augment the properties of insulin involved in glucose disposal, increasing the appropriate intake of sugar into muscle tissue (Owira & Ojewole, 2009), while opposing the fat-storing properties of insulin. Studies in humans have shown an ability of grapefruit juice to prevent insulin-mediated fat storage and increase fat breakdown(Dallas, Gerbi, Tenca, Juchaux, & Bernard, 2008; Fujioka, Greenway, Sheard, & Ying, 2006).


Garlic has been seen to decrease total serum cholesterol levels in overweight populations, meaning that there will be lower levels of circulating fats in the blood and a reduced propensity to deposit these into fat stores and plaques in blood vessels(Warshafsky, Kamer, & Sivak, 1993).

Kidney Bean Extract

Kidney beans contain an amylase inhibitor that prevents starches being broken down into sugars called phaseolamin (Marshall & Lauda, 1975; Mosca, et al., 2008). However, it’s unlikely this enzyme would remain intact after the cooking process.



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