Fat DOES NOT make you Fat, nor does it raise cholesterol!

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OK here ya go, my opinions and views on why you should NEVER (unless there’s a specific reason!) eat low/no fat products, and why FAT does NOT make you fat! This was initially posted on my “Look Great Feel Great” Facebook Page


Fat DOES NOT make you FAT!

Eating Fat makes us Fat.
Fat we eat, raises cholesterol, and will cause heart attacks.

Guess what?

Both are wrong.
Both are like children’s fairy tales that have stood the test of time – but when you know, you know they’re not real.

In fact, I think it’s a massive marketing ploy to provide extra products for you to buy (often filled with extra sugar or additives to replace the fat), and a another one promoted and pushed by pharmaceutical industries to provide cholesterol lowering drugs, when in fact, high cholesterol has been PROVEN to have zero link with heart disease, however low cholesterol has high links with heart attacks! Weird but true.

First, Fat does not make us fat.
Excess calories in any format that the body cannot use will be stored as fat for energy. This is why snacking between meals, drinking excess alcohol and processed/fast foods is a quick way to get fat.

Eating lots of processed foods, opening yourself regularly to excess toxins from man made products (shampoo’s, chemicals, pesticides, pollution etc) make you fat as these toxins are pulled from the blood stream and stored within fat cells for “safety” – the more toxic you are or consume, the more fat you’ll store.

Eating fat will NOT make you fat, when it’s natural! We’re talking meats, nuts, avocado, hummous, yoghurts, butter NOT margarine etc. All those things that “diet clubs” tend to tell you to eat low fat versions of – told this by people who aren’t qualified nutritionists, but have desk jobs by day…….yep, I’d listen to them!
Dietary fat is needed by the body.

Every cell in your body is made from cholesterol /fat, this includes your skin – want better skin and less cellulite? Eat full fat products!
Hormones which control pretty much every action of the body from fat loss to muscle gain, to mood control and controlling depression, to stress control to sex hormones require fat to function and “build” themselves.
Struggling to get pregnant?
Periods erratic, heavy or painful?
Stress a lot of the time?
Struggling to lose weight?
Find your hungry within hours of eating? Increase your fat and protein consumption! These take longer to digest and will keep you fuller than carbs and processed carbs out of packets/bags/boxes etc
Eat fat!

Low fat products digest faster in the body, raising blood sugar levels quicker which means more chance of fat storage. Also, fat is quite a dense product, weight wise. So if you have a 200g tub of fat free yoghurt, and a 200g tub of full fat yogurt, something has been added to replace the lost “fat weight” yep – sugars or additives. LOW or NO fat also relate to the nutritional value as well! Low, or nothing!

On this note, I don’t get people who eat just the egg whites…..definitely nutritionally insane! The yolk contains the most nutrients!
Eggs raise cholesterol!

It’s been proven that “There’s no connection whatsoever between cholesterol in food and cholesterol in blood. Cholesterol in the diet doesn’t matter at all unless you happen to be a chicken or a rabbit” – Ancel Keys PHD Professor University of Minnesota. – and this is a guy who was on a crusade in the 90’s to tell everyone how bad saturated fat was for you!

Something to ponder if you eat “low fat/no fat” products; – if saturated fat is bad for you, why does your liver convert excess calories to saturated fat rather than “healthy” unsaturated fat?!?

Is your liver dumb?! Very unlikely….. Saturated, natural fats are crucial for hormone production, cell health, reducing stress levels and are not the cause of high cholesterol/heart disease!

It’s another article for another time, but it’s inflammation in the arteries/cells which actually cause heart disease/attacks, mostly caused through a processed diet, which lots of sugars, stress and toxins.

So, if you want to improve appearance and health, don’t listen to part-time “specialists” who recommend low fat this and that, especially if they’re not in the shape you want to be, or can’t backup their reasons!

Keep protein (meats, eggs, fish) levels high, plenty of vegetables, plenty of natural fats (protein list, avocado, coconut, organic butters, olive oil, full fat dairy, lots of water, and minimal alcohol, sugars and stress, and if done often, I guarantee you’ll improve all round!

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