Fat loss is NOT just exercise!

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In fact, nothing is ever one thing…….everything is about a series of actions, repeated regularly to form habits and routines – these can be good and not so good ones!

Lot’s of people decide they want to lose weight and take up a form of exercise, be it running, bootcamps, PT or fitness classes.

Like anything, at first, it hurts! Your body is not used to the workload, muscles ache, your breathings hard , your panting for breath but after you feel pretty good, invigorated through the pain!!


If you keep this up for a few weeks, you’ll find the scales are starting to move the right way, clothes could be coming a bit looser. This is great news, as your body is burning additional calories that it never used to, muscles are becoming accustomed to the workload and are storing/dealing with blood sugar levels better, so your day to day energy improves………life is good!

But after around 4 weeks, things start to slow up on the scales, weightloss has stopped. In fact it might even be going the other way! “This can’t be right” I haven’t changed anything you think?! I’m still doing 2-3 sessions of XXXX a week, what’s going on?!!


Let me give you a clue;


Yep Food! If you don’t look at what you’re eating and when, you’re wasting a lot of energy working out!


Too many people consume too many carbohydrates for starters – rice, pasta, cereals, breads, sugars, but also too much processed/packaged convenience foods. Not only are they calorific, but the sugar levels and “fake/man made” ingredients upset your hormonal imbalance in the body resulting in sluggishness, weight gain, poor energy, skin and sleep – the list goes on.

Whilst they go hand in hand, I’d actually address your food, or some of it before undertaking anything.

Remove as much sugar as possible, get eating natural foods, make your own meals from them, and be in control of your own daily food choices!


1 calorie does not equal 1 calorie. What I mean by this is eating 300kcals of chocolate is not the same as 300kcals of meat. They get processed in the body differently, they affect different hormones in the body. They affect energy and fat storing/burning pathways differently. Your body is a smart machine! Also, eating a pizza that is 800kcals, and then going to the gym and burning 800kcals does not equal zero/you’ve “burnt it off”! This is one huge myth many people believe when exercising on a Sunday or Monday after a heavy night/weekend. Your body works smarter than calories in v calories out, which is a why a lot of diets/diet clubs don’t work for people.


With the example above of exercising and not losing further weight think of this;

You start off, from doing not a lot of exercise to 2-3 sessions a week. Each session you might be burning say 200kcals, over a week that’s 600kcals….a bit of scales weight drops. But as the weeks go on, and your body is become fitter or more fuel conservative (yep, you’re body is finding the workouts easier/more manageable so it needs to expend less energy, in the form of calories, to produce the output……..or complete the workout!) you’re actually using less energy or caloric value.

So if you’re eating the same sort of foods and amounts, less of it is now being “burnt” for fuel…..hence weightloss slows up.


The key is, to provide the body with nutrient dense foods (meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, water) that it can use, and in turn your body will tick over and work to a higher standard.

If you stick with the processed, man made foods you’re be loading more and more toxins/damaged cells onto each other, and the exercise will be like plugging a leaking barrel, while someone is putting a new hole in the other side!


If you want results you need to group things together and to me this means;

– Working out regularly, and challenging yourself

– Consuming foods that are natural and your body can use for fuel and repair (see above)

– 2+ litres of water a day

– Quality, unbroken sleep of around 8 hours……. AND going to bed by 10.30pm

– Reducing as much stress in your life, be this work, family, lifestyle, foods…..all forms of stress will eat away at the body internally, and this will soon show externally.


If you’re going to do something – do it well!


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