Fat, sunshine and energy

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So why do we feel so much better when
the sun’s out?!
Well, our body produces a hormone
called serotonin, which is responsible,
amongst other things for feeling happy,  (Also helps with memory and appetite regulation)
and upbeat! People who suffer with depression,
often have vey low levels of serotonin.

Basically our bodies cells absorb the sunlight,
and create Vitamin D which can help with bone strength,
and also helped to produce the serotonin hormone
^^^ Still with me?! ^^^

Anyhow, point here is, we covered Protein yesterday,
well, hormones and our bodies cells,
only work effectively when there;s a enough
dietary FAT in our day to day diet.
Yep, diet clubs and to a degree government rules,
tell us we need to eat low fat, which is trash.
Low fat certainly with fake fats in hot dogs
pizza, processed snacks and fast food,
but DEFINITELY not low fat with natural ones like;
– Nuts
– Avocado
– Oils
– Coconut OIl
– Hemp, Chia and other seeds
– Cottage Cheese
– Greek Yoghurt and more

If they’re natural fats eat them, your hormonal health
will be better, as will your mood, energy and body.

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