First step of detoxing!

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So, post-Christmas and people will be talking about detoxing.

So where’s the first step? Well, with Water.

Wait!!!!! Every PT bleats on about increasing your water intake, but most just talk about hydration, which is true, but not the main reason in this case.

Take this phrase – “The Solution to pollution is dilution” — I love it!

Basically if you water something, anything down, it becomes weaker….not as potent….not as strong. The same happens in your body. When you overload it with sugar, food, toxins etc, not only do you get dehydrated, but you pollute your body and it’s cells……..BUT, if you increase your water intake, your cells have to expand to hold this water, and therefore these toxins will be diluted down, making you feel not quite as bad.

Picture a 5p sized cell (not in reality!) filled with toxins…….well, if you increase the surface area to say a 50p, with the same amount of toxins in, they aren’t as concentrated……see what I’m saying my little Christmas pudding?!!!!

OK, Biology lesson over, I’m off for some Turkey Sandwiches…….I’ll be back nearer 2014 with more help for you.

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