Fish Oils – Essential

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This is one supplement I feel everybody should be consuming, even if you’re eating fish a few times a week.

By Fish oil, I mean Omega 3 fish oil, and NOT cod Liver Oil. Fish Oils come from the meaty part of fish, whereas Cod Liver oil comes from…..well the liver! It’s not as high in EPA or DHA, the 2 main active components of Omega 3.

So what are the benefits of taking fish oils? You ready?!

– Helps against many diseases such as Psoriasis, Raynaulds disease, Obesity, Arthritis, Asthma, Crohn’s disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome

– Helps with keeping your cells in good functioning condition

– Turns on your fat burning enzymes (Lipolytic) and turns your fat storing enzymes (Lipogenic)

– Reduces internal inflammation in the body through training, food stress and toxins

– Helps with brain focus and cognitive function

– Increases serotonin, so good for fighting depression

– Lowers bad cholesterol

– Reduces blood pressure

– Helps to regulate blood sugar level, so again good for fat burning and energy levels


Personally I recommend around 9-12g a day, split over 3 doses, which is a lot more than the Packet recommendation of 1g, but if you want all health benefits, these are the levels you’ll require.


Also, buy a good brand, cheap products use cheap ingredients. I use

Fish oils should be a staple supplement to your daily diet. Get on it!

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