Flattening the stomach and reducing love handles

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So, stomach and love handles.

Basically your digestive system sits behind
your stomach (Yeah I’ve been in the business 15 years and that’s the levels I’m at!!!)

So if you’re eaten foods that you don’t
digest well, cause a reaction, or inflammation
it’s gonna show here.

The usual suspects are;
– Wheat and gluten products
– Cow’s milk/cheese
– Sugars and alcohol

As said before Stress can cause stomach inflammation,
due to the number of cortisol receptors in the stomach area.

If you’re looking to drop your love handles,
you need to look at your sugar intake,
but also the number of carbohydrates
you’re consuming, as this is a marker for that.
Lot’s of varied salads and green veg instead will help with this.

Exercise Wise

If you’re a regular exerciser, you might want
to start adding in some intervals, short and sharp
sprints or bike work.

Body weight style circuits like we do in the 21 day plan
is a great way to increase muscle tone and shift fat.

Doing hours of cardio isn’t – sure you’ll burn some
calories, but it won’t give you the body
you’re after. Chances are if you’re doing that now,
you know what I mean.

Abdominal wise, forget crunches and sit-ups.
Much better exercises such as planks, rotation work,
Seated/Lying Cycles (Google/YouTube is there for a reason!)
as are deadlifts, cable work and overhead lunges
if you have access to weights/gym environment.

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