Foam Roller – last minute Xmas present?!

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A great tool for keeping muscles in condition, allieviating knee and back pain, the foam roller is often neglected or forgotten about.
This neat little tool, will do the job of a sports massage, saving you time and money! The idea is you lay, or roll yourself across the roller, which will “iron out” any muscle spasms, tension spots and generally re-condition your muscles It is particularly effective on the quads, ITB band, calves and perennials.

Many people get lower back pains, which is often down to tight quads and hip flexors. Spend 3 mins a day with this little tool (even during tv adverts!) and you’ll notice the difference.

Only the other week I got a sharp knee pain, from out of nowhere, which actually limited my workout. I went home, foam rolled my quads and ITB and the pain had gone in 3 mins!

So, if you’re looking for a small xmas present, shell out around £13 and get something that will not only clear up many aches and pains, but will condition your muscles and help their development!

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