Friday workout and get things in order!!

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OK, Friday is my Business Development day.

No PT clients, no email, no facebook, no mobile. Just working my way through ToDo lists, and stuff that will benefit my Personal Training and Bootcamp Businesses.

By making a list through the week of stuff to be done, and then Thursday night prioritising this list, I can hit Friday running, and there is so much satisfaction when yuo start crossing the list off throughout the day, and “Getting stuff done” !!

This can be the same for weight loss….. Planning!

Anything from what snacks you will have tomorrow, to preparing them ready.

What you will have for your main meals all next week and then shopping for them. Without a plan your leaving everything to chance, and chancers WILL fail at some point! Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

Anyhow, got done early, so here was this afternoon’s workout;

All for 20 reps;


Single Leg Lateral Bench Jumps

Inverted Rows


Jump Chinups

Jump Lunges

Push Press

Rest, 4 rounds

Enjoy your weekend….get planning 😉

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