Get Lean? Don’t Diet!

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Just think for a moment, do you know many, or anyone who has actually got lean, and I mean “lean”, not just losing some weight from following a “diet” or from changing just a few foods around?

I doubt it.

The reason? They are not removing the foods their body doesn’t digest properly, and therefore they are toxic! Read on to find out why toxicity is a problem for fat loss…..

What does this mean? When you consume something your body cannot digest or convert into a format it can use, it gets converted into a toxin. These get stored in fat cells, because toxins are just that to the body, toxic, and they wouldn’t be healthy or even safe for the body floating around, so the safest place is in the fat cells, or in the liver itself. The more toxins you have, the larger the number of fat cells.

When people “diet”, cut back on certain foods/reduce calories, naturally the body will lose weight, lose a bit of fat, because they have reduced the calories they are eating on a daily basis………..a no brainer so far.

However, if the “dieter” continues to eat foods the body cannot digest properly /  do something with (and we’re back to wheat products, processed foods, sugars, alcohol, smoking, drugs, excess beauty products etc, hormone disruptors like heating plastic pots, contraceptive pills) you are continually placing burden on the liver to deal with the toxins coming in, and like a conveyor belt, off they go to fat stores. YOU’RE NEVER GIVING THE BODY A CHANCE TO RID THESE TOXINS PROPERLY!

Picture this – You remove a certain amount of “fake” foods, reduce calories, your body starts to break down/burn fat. Along with this release form the fat cells, come the toxins and into the blood stream for removal from the body. Keep clean, filtered water high, and the “fake” foods out of your daily plan, and the toxins are removed through sweat, urine etc. BUT if you continue to eat wheat, sugar, processed food, alcohol etc. you’re placing more toxins back into the blood stream, and therefore shuttled back into the fat cells, expanding these cells and fat content/size of your body! You’re on a roundabout!!

This can often be the answer to people who say “Why can I never lose weight from my legs/bum/arms/stomach etc , or I can always lose 5-6 lbs but then no more….” …… yup you’re body is riddled with toxins, and need to “cleanse” to lose more.
Basically, you might be losing some “weight” but your body is TOXIC, and therefore FAT CELLS are growing! This is not healthy, and this is not going to get you lean! YOU NEED TO CUT OUT THE FOODS STOPPING YOU GETTING LEAN!!

Also, when you’re body is over burdened by toxins, not only is your fat burning system switched off, but these toxins overload the bodies storage systems and start to appear on the skin (as they are loose in the blood system, and not stored away in fat cells)….think spots, skin conditions and rashes, dark circles around the eyes, dandruff etc etc

It might get you what is known as  “Skinny Fat” – “skinny” to the eye of some people, but a high level of internal body fat, which not only sets you up for internal illness and disease, but open to further allergies, skin conditions, poor sleep patterns, bad breath etc….all signs of a toxic liver and body, being overloaded with toxins. You’ll also get internal inflammation happening as the body struggles with the toxins, this results in aching joints and muscles.
The answer?!


Remove, and then minimise the foods that are causing this problem! We’re talking Wheat products, processed food, sugars, Cow’s dairy, Alcohol, cigarettes, microwaving foods in plastic containers.

Look after your liver, eat foods your body can use, and minimise grains, wheat. processed and fake foods, and let your body function as it should do!

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