Goals, Accountability and Results!

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So, 2 weekends ago, I managed to hit my first real goal of the year. After last years ruptured bicep tendon, pending surgery and 4 months lay-off/recovery (November-March) I really struggled to get going again this year for training, regularity and a plan of action.

Seems weird, a successful Personal Trainer saying this, but it’s true….as PT’s we’re no different from anyone else when it comes to working out, planning, eating etc. Sure there’s plenty of b@llcrap on twitter, Facebook etc that lead you to believe people are superhuman, always “on top of the world”, eating clean calorie after clean calorie 7 days of the week – but I can assure this isn’t the case most of the time….fronts are everywhere – but it’s whether you decide to stay in the ditch or work a way out that counts.

I found that resistance/weights based workouts just weren’t giving me the stimulus, mentally or physically that I needed and so my workouts dwindled again, as did my food. (I’m one of those annoying types who can pretty much each what they want….not that I do!!…and never really gain much fat!)


So I decided to to scrap my initial plan and get back into Duathlons…..run, bike, run.


Anyhow, back in April time, I booked in for a 64mile Sportive, bike event round Surrey/Sussex, and this gave me an incentive and reason to get back out on the bike and train….was also a good Base/endurance plan for duathlons later in the year.

The ride went well, and I managed 3hours 38mins, beating the Gold standard time of sub 4 hours that I set myself as a target……job 1 done!


This weekend we went on a family break to Centerparcs and a good time was had, both leisure and alcohol/food(YEP,we do drink and eat out of bounds….find me a PT who doesn’t and I’d point you in another direction as they’re not in the real world!) Starting back today, both work and exercise was hard!

Back into the run training with a steady 2.5miles …..a few years back 10k’s weren’t an issue, but i’m having to start back afresh.

I’ve also set myself a new eating regimen that I’ll be logging each day on my forum, which is free to join, and plenty of others are doing the same and getting great results!


Anyhow – Day 1 of the new plan is done. Will be building running distances up, getting miles under the belt, supporting this with some resistance work for endurance and strength and looking to improve each week.


Everyone is the same under the skin….you just need to find YOUR reason, keep a plan, and don’t let anyone influence you otherwise!


On board?! Remember – “We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with”……Keep checking yours!!

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