Good and Bad Breakfast choices!

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OK, everyone’s heard – breakfast is THE most important meal of the day.

But Why?

Well, having been asleep the last 6+ hours, your blood sugar levels have dropped therefore these need to raise to “wake the body” but also start delivering nutrients around the body.
A quick sugar fix that some cereals deliver, or the office “pastry” is going to shoot these levels sky high and shortly after, plummet, leaving you crashed out energy wise mid morning and reaching for the next sugar or caffeine fix.

A glass of the “traditional” fruit juice is another poor choice – without the fibre of the fruit, this is literally liquid sugar – perfect for rocketing blood sugar levels up before crashing!

Try a decent cup of green tea, enough caffeine to give you a “kick”, but the theanine will ensure you dont have the usual coffee/caffeine crash.

Not ideal.

Many breakfast cereals are devoid of ANY nutrients, giving you a temporary sugar high, a bloated stomach and back to the above a few hours later.

It is not food that our bodies can use, as they contain very few nutrients, in effect they ARE fake food.

Aim to eat something your body can process, use, and has benefits to the body. It should contain proteins, carbs and good fats.

One of my favourites at the moment that does all of the above, and leaves you with plenty of energy is below.

Avocado (eat with a teaspoon), some berries (I like raspberries), some rye toast with almond butter, and washed down with a cup of green tea. Perfect!

Other options are omelette with ham, tomoato, spinach etc, forms of eggs on rye or wholemeal toast, my protein pancakes (search this site for them!) Smothies – greek yoghurt, avocado, protein powder, coconut oil, or at least just grab a protein shake!

Don’t be lazy, or leave things to convenience!

Don’t follow like a sheep, and eat crap food like toast or cereal for breakfast because “that’s what I always have”, or because it’s “breakfast”. It’s only that because marketing companies have told you that. Supply your body what it needs and you will notice the difference in energy, flat stomach and health.

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