Great Home Gym Kit

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There are lots of pieces of “home” gym kit available, many are crap and many are overpriced. If you want something that will cost about a tenner, here ya go;

So, on first look it appears to be a flat gym/fitball – well to a degree yes.


Step 1 – Take agymball, and attach a hose to your tap.

Step 2 – Fill gym ball with water – probably a third full will do

Step 3 – Replace stopper and probably whack some Duck tape over the stopper……just in case like

Step 4 – You now have a functional piece of gym kit!


As you move it the water will slosh around, giving more stability work, core work and shoulder support.

The further away from your body the ball is the harder the work.

Over head presses

Jump Squats with it

Seated rotation work

Partner Throws


Loads of different things to do, for less than a tenner and very effective – more

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