Great workout!

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Well finished running my Xtreme Bootcamp for the “select 6” who are on week 3 of 4, and they smashed their tough workout!

And with a rare evening off from PT I hit the gym straight after this evening.

I’m trialling a new “Conditioning Phase”, working with high reps, and working constantly in a round format. Looking to do 3-4 workouts a week, I’m doing this once or twice a week and rotating with another to follow.

It consisted of(pick a weight that is challenging by the last few reps. Start the stopwatch when you start, and stop it at the last exercise!);

Deadlifts 15 reps

DB Press 15 reps

Wide Grip Rows 15 reps

Lumberjack Barbell Presses 15 reps

Front Squats 15 reps

[stop the watch and record]

then, hit the treadmil and sprint for 30secs, rest for 30 secs – 4 times.

Rest 60 secs and repeat for 3-4 rounds and note down your “round times” – Each session try to beat the times!

Let me know how you go!!

Done!! Music for the workout – Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz – “Kings of Crunk”

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