Battling the Energy Vampires!

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This time of year, with the mornings dark, the evenings dark, temperatures dropping and rain setting more gloom than a World Cup involving England, it can be hard to stay motivated, to hit the gym after work, to get ready for bootcamp, or to get out for that run around the streets.

Work mates, or family members will be settling down on their butts, switching on the tv (again), opening another glass of wine or beer (again) and giving your every possible guilt factor about why you shouldn’t bother going out.

Bascially, it’s their excuses as to why they can’t be arsed! They are trying to make you feel like you’re in the wrong!

Don’t give in to tho those that are trying to suck your positive energy or thoughts, blank them and use that as an excuse to get out there.

As I tell my Bootcampers – “Fat Loss and Fitness doesn’t just happen when the sun is out!”

Here’s some tips for staying ahead of the “energy vampires” !

1) Get a Buddy! I’ve brought this in at Bootcamp. If you train with a friend, or often meet someone at the gym, out for a run or a class, swap mobile numbers with them, and text them 2 hours before your due to meet, and say “Will see you later then, at xx’oclock….don’t be late!” This then gives them the incentive to be there, and it’s harder to drop out if you’ve planned to meet someone! Get as many “exercise buddy’s” as you can!

2) Along the lines of above, write your workout days and times (even what you’re going to do) in you diary or iphone etc. Plan it as you would a meeting, and you’re less likely to cancel.

3) If you get to workout time, and feel like you would rather sit down….don’t! Get out and say I’ll just go for 5 mins. Chances are once 5 mins has passed the endorphins kick in and you’ll be away!

4) Plan a target every 4 weeks. This way it’s easy to stay motivated and focussed. This could be an upcoming Xmas party or dress size etc.

5) Plan meals in advance. Every Sunday plan your main meals for each day, and shop for those. KNow what you’ll be eating for each day takes away the “oh, I’m hungry and there’s nothing here” symptoms.

Surround yourself with like minded people and you’ll get where you want to be, minimise the energy vampires and energy levels and results will flow!!

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