Healthier Coffee?

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So, a few weeks back I was approached, with a promotion for a new “Healthier Gourmet Coffee”.


I’ve been contacted a number of times by individuals looking to promote Supplement/pills/Aloe products etc, and apart from the initial pitch of  “I have a product that might interest your customers, and earn you additional income!! putting me off,

I was also not overly happy trying to “push” products onto my clients, that they weren’t already using!


But when I was told this was tea and coffee, with added benefits, I replied with;

“Send me a months sample and I’ll try first before making any decisions”


^^ This normally puts many supplies/companies off ^^


“Sure, no problem” was the reply.



Oh well, everyone loves a freebie right?

And coffee too?!


Yeah yeah, I know I tell people not to drink too much coffee,

but I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t say I drink a cup

a day – but none of the granule stuff, it’s gotta be fresh ground, quality stuff.


So anyway, I received my box of coffee,

opened a sachet (surprised to find it was ground instant and not

those granules that look like cat litter) and added to my cup.


Not bad – a dark, good tasting cup.


So where’s the “magic”?


Well, their products are infused with something called;

Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as Reishi Mushroom.


(Now, I did an intern a few years back with a BIG name in UK nutrition, and I remember him recommending the benefits of this mushroom back then, but one thing and another and it wasn’t a supplement I followed up on)


If you wanna go a google on it, go ahead,

and you’ll find quite a few uses/benefits,

but I do know it’s been used in Chinese medicine for a calming/balancing effect on the body, improves the immune system, and is used in larger doses with cancer patients.


So, what have I felt after 10 Days?


Well first few days I was having a coffee a day,

a Red Tea (roobios) and 3 of the Ganoderma capsules,

but wanted to give it a “fair trial” so I’ve been feeding the capsules

to my wife who is doing the Edinburgh marathon end of the month,

and thought she could try those benefits for herself.


So really this week I’ve had 1-2 coffees a day and a red tea (caffeine free but also containing Cordyceps)

(Had the odd Mocha and Hot chocolate of theirs too, but too be honest find the sugar content too high – yep, I’m fair and honest)


But generally I feel good.

Focussed, energised and sleeping like a log, which are some of the properties touted for Ganoderma.


Interestingly, before I’d only have one cup of my coffee a day.

Any more and I’d get “caffeine jitters”, and the dreaded caffeine crash a few hours later.

Oh also, I’d find myself “on the toilet within 30mins of drinking it” —– This is an honest review!


I get none of this with this coffee.

Granted the caffeine content isn’t as high as a normal coffee,

but it’s enough to give you that “pickup” but,

no stomach ache, no headaches (despite going to 2 cups a day),

no caffeine jitters and no dips in energy.


The acidity of normal coffee which is a big downer (and probably related to the toilet rush)

is also lower, in fact tests have shown it to be around “level/normal” PH levels of the body – bonus!


So moving into my 3rd week, am feeling good and fresh.

I’d say on my original coffee, if I was drinking one a day (not the current 2 a day)

I’d be feeling a bit drawn, tired, and looking a bit jaded.


Hopefully others would agree, but am feeling fresh and good!


Interesting, and more to come……

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