Healthy Shopping List!

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OK, remember – No 1 thing will give you results, or ruin results. It’s about combining the “good” stuff and doing it often!

Here’s a list of things to use regularly for health, energy and fat loss. Feel free to “Share” and help out others 

COCONUT OIL – Cook everything heated in this. Doesn’t burn like olive oil does. Great source of energy, great for the immune system.

AVOCADO – Like coconut oil readily used as energy, and great for hormone health, skin and general health.

All BERRIES – Less sugar than other fruits and lots of antioxidants for healthy body and skin. Buy frozen when out of season as frozen at source.

QUINOA – Much better than cous cous or pasta as not wheat based. Use as side dish or in salads, add chilli flakes, olive oil, feta etc to flavour up!

ALMOND BUTTER – Like peanut butter? This is MUCH better for you, and crucial ingredient in my legendary protein pancakes!

WATERCRESS & BROCCOLI – Ladies, want to lose fat from your hips, thighs and bum? Eat plenty of greens(cruciferous better) – alongside a good diet, and consumed often, will rid excess estrogens from the body which promote fat stores in these area. Aim for one of these EVERY day! Did you know broccoli per weight contains more calcium than milk?! (forget cows milk it sucks!) Also very high in Vitamin C

GREEK YOGHURT – less processed than other yoghurts – stay away from flavoured/tv advertised brands as they contain a lot of sugar. Greek is higher in protein which is another benefit for hunger levels and fat loss. Have with berries and few nuts for breakfast?

FREE RANGE EGGS – Must be free range and organic if possible. Means the quality of the egg and nutrients is better than that from s stressed out chicken. High in Omega 3, and a complete source of protein, so perfect for staying full and helping energy/fat loss. Don’t believe the hype on eggs raising cholesterol……. more media rubbish!

LIVER – Yep! That stuff you’ve probably never eaten since School! Liver (when a good source) is FULL of vitamins, minerals and protein to give a healthy body. Best to source from a good butchers rather than supermarket. Lambs is great but tastes “Irony” calves liver tastes less like “liver” ! Cook with onion gravy and good bacon and some greens above – lovely! Just don’t overcook it! I had it a few weeks back for first time in 20 odd years – I like it!

WILD FISH NOT FARMED – Farmed stuff has been “bred for supply” and often has chemicals absorbed/added which WILL affect your health. Go wild, and the more oily the better (mackerel, tuna, salmon etc) Great for brain health, blood levels and fat loss

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – again worth going for a good quality, and add to salads/side dishes. Another great source of fats to help hormone function, and skin both KEYS to health and fat loss……… so DON’T fear the Fats!

BONUS – Water! – Aim for a minimum of 1.5litres a day and drink often throughout the day. Crucial for energy levels, toxin removal, skin condition etc. Bodies are 70+% water so crucial.

REMEMBER – making your own foods with natural ingredients like the above, means YOU control the content and benefits of the foods.
If it’s in a shiny packet or box, is advertised on tv or has over 8 ingredients don’t eat them often!!

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