How CLEAR is you intent?

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Is your “Intent” obvious?

Often we decide we’re going to do something, and we crack on.

Sometimes this works – brings a bit of enthusiasm, and initial ‘results’, then things start to drop off, as ‘day-to-day’ happenings take over, focus and motivation wanes, and we end up around about square one for a bit……..

Cruise for a bit in the same place…….

Choose/Focus on the next ‘intent’, and the cycle starts again.

Problem is, we JUST decide upon it,
we often don’t THINK what we’re trying to achieve, how we’re going to do it,
what it would mean to us to achieve it etc.

It’s almost like “If it doesn’t work, I’ll do something else”, or “When it doesn’t work……”

** Having some STRATEGY, with CLEAR intent can bring massive results, quickly and
removing plenty of frustration and confusion.

So maybe looking at the first 2 weeks of this year that have gone;

– Has it gone well?
– Is it going the same way as last year?

– Is there CLEAR intent on what you’re trying to achieve and how?

There is NO shame in answering “NO” to the above, as along as you seek advice/help or start to implement the “clear intent” and move forward with it.

Worth a pause in the “busy lives” we lead to think about this, as VERY OFTEN, taking 10mins ‘out’ can save hours/days in the future, when we KNOW what needs to happen.


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