How do I lose Weight?!

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One of my professional/pet peeves is those people who think they can eat what they like because they exercise….. WRONG!  You should be looking at fuelling your body and giving it what it wants after a challenging workout to get it to change, and improve. It makes no sense that you work that hard (hopefully!) and then as you’re body is screaming for clean food to repair muscles, tissues, cells and energy restoration, you give it something that stresses it further, and is of no beneficial use to it?! Madness!


My other peeve is those who think they can exercise and not change their diet, be it through lazyness, sheer-bloodymindedness or just ignorance.

Think you can workout as much or as often as you like without making major changes to your food?
You’re fooling yourself partner!


Prime example is at one of my Bootcamps recently, we had 2 friends join up. One was obviously more overweight than the other. After 4 weeks the smaller of the 2 had lost 7lbs, the larger…nothing. She left Bootcamp saying it doesn’t work!


Cutting to the point – if you’re overweight, it’s because you have eaten the wrong foods and too much of them, not because you’ve missed out on the latest and greatest fitness session happening in your area, or because you were too busy to go to the gym for the last few weeks.

To re-inforce this point, a few months back I had a PT client who signed up with me, followed my nutrition plan and got some great results. Her husband who had a busy job in London, did no training at all, but just followed the nutrition plan – result? He lost 2 stone in about 2 months!


Sure, if you’re diet is pretty nautral, high in protein, you’re going to get better results by adding a decent form of intense exercise in. But don’t fool yourself that you can’t get to the gym, are injured, or something similar and can’t exercise that you can’t lose weight.

You can, you address what you’re putting in your mouth and when!




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