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Change+Your+Internal+DialogueYour “Internal Dialogue” – likely some of the most important conversations you’ll have.




We all have those moments
where our brain-talk goes into overdrive;
when it’s positive it has great control and confidence,
but when it’s self-doubting, negative and concerning,
it can be crippling both mentally and physically.

Inflating thoughts, stretching them, futuristic thinking, pulling them into something bigger than they are, putting self doubt, questions, stress and anxiety into our gut.

Controlling this “Internal/External Relationship” is MASSIVE for Self-Esteem, Confidence, Focus, and Determination.

One of the best first steps to gain control, is to slow down, and write your thoughts down. Keep them in your head, and they’re open to being manipulated and inflated.

Write them down, and you’ll have a chance to question them logically;

– Is this True?
– Do I REALLY know this to be true?
– If this IS true, what’s my next step forward?
– What do I need to do, to gain more clarity with this thought?

The more you operate in your futuristic thoughts, or are controlled by your Internal Dialogue, the more overwhelm, stress, anxiety and confusion you’re likely to experience.

Question the Questions!

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