How to be more productive!

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OK, hands up who procrastinates?!

If you haven’t got your hand up your lying, or you don’t need this!!

I’m pretty proud of my focus when it comes to getting stuff done. After all, it’s only by completing things, staying a step ahead, planning and doing, ┬áthat things get done right?!

Problem is plenty of people have good intentions, to do lists and the alike, but often something crops up (a tweet, facebook message, work colleague, coffee break) etc and that important “I’m on it” task drops down the priority order! A few hours later your stressed, playing catchup or look back and think, “where did the day go?!”

Well, here’s a great tip/set of tips I use to get stuff done! Discard, read or use, it’s your choice, but it’s pretty simple and effective!

1) Everyone should have a todo or action list. Without one, you’re playing guess work with things to do be done, but also, those thoughts will stay in your mind and play on your mind, not great for the subconscious/emotional mind, and doubly bad if it’s coming up to bed time and you’ve got things running through your head – poor/broken sleep coming up!
So, get a list, be it on your phone, a pad or paper.
If you find your list is too long, break it into sub lists – Home/Family stuff, work stuff, Personal stuff etc. This will make a scary list into a more manageable ones.

2) Each day you’re going to work on this list, the night before ideally, take the most important things off the lists and put on your days Action list. If you say they’re all important, I’d say “I bet they’re not!” Imagine someone was holding a gun to your head, or they said “end of the day I’m taking your house away if xxxx isn’t done” – which things on that list REALLY need to be done today? Don’t forget some items might not need to be done, possibly they can be given to a colleague or partner, or even emailed/phoned and told “I’ve got your message, and I’m planning on getting back to you Thursday” Job done……that important item, is still important, the customer is in the loop and it’s on Thursdays list.

3) Right the day is ready and you have the Action List and ready to crack on.
Set a timer, (your phone or computer will have an app) for something like 20-25 mins, start the timer and crack on with that first task.
TURN OFF your email notification, facebook, twitter, mobile to silent etc. You’re on a mission, and nothing is interrupting you during this 20/25min block!

4) Once the timer rings, stop where you are, save the document, and take 5 mins off….answer the voicemail, go for a wander, get a drink, take 10 deep breaths (Great for alkalining the body, and relaxing you !!!)

5) 5mins is down, set that clock to 20/25mins again and start on the second item.

Your going to repeat this process til all items have had a 20-25min block, and then you restart at the beginning. If you finish an item before the 25min timer, fine, take 5mins, reset the clock and go to the next.

Also, your Daily action list shouldn’t really have more than 8 items on. Again if it does, you aren’t prioritising!

Following this method will allow you to get A LOT done, rather than the odd 1 or 2 things and a whole load of time wasting going on!


Ready?! Go……!!!

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