How to choose RIGHT each time

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So you have a dilemma.

You’re not sure if you should do
A or B first.

You’re not sure if you should
choose between this or that.

You’re torn between buying this top
or this top.

You’re not sure whether you should
“go” or not.

Here’s what you should do………

Get a coin.

Heads is option 1, tails is option 2.

Flip the coin, and when it’s in the air……….

Do nothing.

Catch the coin,
put it in your pocket, without looking
at it, and GO WITH the option you,
were hoping it would land on,
when that coin was spinning in the air.

You see, whilst you might ‘think’
you can’t decide, this is just your
procrastinating side kicking in.

Trying to give you more options,
a way out, stretching the situation
to be bigger than it needs to be or is.

Give it a try, 9 times out of 10, you’ll be right.

Learn to be more decisive,
don’t make things longer, more challenging,
more complicated than they need to be,
after all,

the more you give yourself a way out,
the more likely you are to take it

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