How to get more stuff done

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We’re great at procrastinating.


Remember the more successful people, who get more done,

don’t have more time – they just make the best use of it.


Here’s some help with achieving that.

OK, so how can you be more focussed on a task at hand, and get it done sharpish, rather than taking half the day?
Use what’s called the Pomodoro System.
-> Parkinson’s law states that we’ll take whatever time space we have and fill it. If we’re doing something and only have 5mins, we’ll take 5 mins. If we have a couple of hours til we need to do something else, we’ll take 2 hours with whatever we’re doing, beneficial or wasted.
So………….. we need to time block ourself.

1) Turn off all distractions and notifications.
2) With a stopwatch (either app or phone) set it for between 20 and 30mins.
3) Crack on with the first task and start the clock.
4) Do NOTHING else apart from this task until the timer goes off.
Then take 3-5 mins to do whatever you want.
5) Repeat step 3 with the second task.
You keep doing this for the 3-5 PRIORITY items you need to do(You should NEVER have more than 5 a day to do – if you have, they’re NOT all priorities!).
Working in this format will allow you to get more done, and you’ll also work with more focus due to the time restraints.
Can’t recommend this enough – give it a try.


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