How to get or stop more of the same

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Ever noticed how the “world” around you changes quickly?

One minute it’s full of happiness, perfection and joy, and others
it can be full of frustration, shit, confrontations, stress and 100mph whirlwinds?

Well, ALL of those are happening EVERYWHERE and every second in THE world.
But what is it that dictates what you see in YOUR world?

= YOUR current emotions.


— Happy and excited? –> You’ll see more of it
— Pissed off and angry? –> You’ll see more of it
— Frustrated & overwhelmed? –> You’ll see more of it.

For the geeks out there, 
you have a system in the brain called your RAS, Reticular Activation System that filters in more of ‘your own emotions’ – some might know it as “Law of Attraction

– Just bought a new car? How many times in that next week or two do you see more of THAT car on the road?!

– Buy yourself a new handbag or pair of running shoes? How many more people with the same ones do you notice thereafter?


As I often talk about,
* Action plus repetition and momentum create more of the same.

You enjoy something?
Find ways to bring more of it into daily life.
It IS that simple. The ONLY thing stopping you is your Internal Belief system …..or your thoughts 🙂


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