PMA – Positive Mental Attitude!

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If your mind isn’t in the right place – you’ve fallen at the first hurdle.

I probably should have saved this one til after Christmas, but it happens all year round, so let’s crack on!

When looking to improve your life, health, fitness, waistline and “clothes fit”, are you;

1) The person who never sticks with anything.

– They ask for advice, then do the opposite.

– Someone who joins a gym and goes 3 times, before leaving the membership running for 3 months then cancels it because they don’t go.

– Someone who moans about each exercise or repetition they do “how hard it is, how it hurts, or how they can’t do it” – you’ve convincing yourself you can’t, that is all.

– Someone who would rather go on 3 sachet drinks a day and consume a tiny amount of calories a day to lose weight, because they have heard they can lose a stone in 10 days, despite the fact they are killing their body internally. But it doesn’t matter, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

– Someone who thinks that they’ve taken up exercise, but doesn’t need to change their eating habits, because they are now burning calories they weren’t before. Yeah this will work……for about a week. But flip it the other way….you got out of shape and overweight previously because you ate the wrong foods and too much of them, not because you weren’t exercising. Exercise without nutrition change is like trying to entertain the family with a joke book by Les Dennis…….a waste of time.

– Someone who will go through surgery or an operation to have a band fitted because that is the answer! Chances are there was something mentally going on that caused you to eat so much – having your stomach shrunk will not change your mindset.

– Someone who will blame everything and everyone before taking responsibility, listening to the first part of this post and implementing.

– Someone who is a “negative/energy vampire” – you know the sort…”Always talking about how ill they are, how they are always tired, how they always feel crap, or overweight, they tell you your wasting yuor time following the nutrition plan they won’t follow, or knock you because you’re “Always exercising” as if there is something wrong with YOU!

– They are sucking your energy, and your positivity…..the less you can be around these people the MORE you can succeed. The more your are one of these people, the quicker you need to change your outlook on life, lifestyle choices, food, work, family, and exercise and the sooner you realise the world isn’t against you……it’s you against yourself…..a battle you cannot win!

If this is you – sit down and write down everything your not happy with in 1 column.

Then in the second column write down everything you want to be and do

In the third column write down things that are stopping you crossing from column 1 to 2, and then act on resolving these barriers. Until you do this, you will always be hitting your head against a brick wall – work on a couple a week.

2) The Get up and “DO IT” – or the Nikey person!

– Someone who doesn’t mind spending some money and time seeking good advice and results.

– Someone who listens to advice, then uses or modifies that advice for their purpose.

– Someone who sets a goal or target for what/where they want to be, and is driven to achieving that.

– Someone who has a positive attitude for everything and looks for the “How can I ….” in things and not the “I can’t do…”….

– Someone who get’s out and gets to bootcamp, their training session or workout no matter what the weather, or the kind of day they’ve had, because they know it will put them in a better mood, mentally and physically.

– Someone who will turn down the Friday (or Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) cakes at work because they know they’ll feel low on energy come the afternoon and that sugar spikes are great for fat loss

– Someone who follows proven FACTS that work, and get’s the results themselves!

– Someone who knows when to stop drinking alcohol, while those around them continue to swash it down, and then wake up the next morning complaining of a hangover, and waste the day doing nothing but eating carb based foods.

– Someone who leads, as opposed to being led by others.

– Someone who turns up for their workout and looks at each exercise as a challenge to themselves, how far they can push themselves compared with last time.

– Someone who gets out of their comfort zone often…..this leads to achievement and progression everytime, even if you don’t complete what you aimed for.

– Someone who¬†prepares their food for the day in advance either physically or knows where and what they’ll be eating/shopping for.

– Someone who will be left with a sense of fulfilment, winning, compliments and self-worth, because they know they have worked hard for their results, and can therefore tackle anything that is thrown at them!

Which person do you WANT to be?!!

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