How to reduce the Love Handles

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So I got an email earlier in the week;

“I feel I’m gaining weight and not shifting it, plus lovehandles are creeping back on – help!”



Ahhhh the old love handles,

Muffin top,

Side squeezers,

Cuddly edges,

Chubby Hips,

Body Balancers


Blimey, got carried away there………….


Did you know there are certain sites on the body,

which can accumulate more fat than others,

based on your hormonal balance/imbalance?


Aye, hormones, those little chemicals and their reactions

which pretty much controls how your body works,

can get out of synch through poor health, diet choices,

man made chemicals (in day to day products) and medication.


These “artificial” things, screw with our natural body.

This is why the odd Krispy Kreme, MuckDonalds or Coke

ain’t gonna kill ya, but had often, or in combination with

other “Fakey Foods” is gonna screw up your internal chemical

balance of the body and increase fat/toxins and lower health.


And to think some “clubs” put all the emphasis on calories…….!


The main sites which can gather more fat than the rest

of the body are;


Love handles.


Upper back

Hips, thighs and bum. (coming next week – exciting!)


For the ol’ “grab a cuddly waist” it’s relative to your

insulin control, which in simpler terms means;


“You’re eating too many carbohydrates” (and often the sweet stuff)


So possibsly;

– Pasta

– Bread

– Potatoes

– Cereals

– Rice

– Cakes, sweets, biscuits

– Alcohol and soft drinks


If you can cut the above list back and aim for more

protein (meats, eggs, fish etc) and salads, green veg,

whilst upping your levels of water, you should find

the cuddly hips will start to drop down,

as your body becomes better at managing carbohydrate

intake and the associated hormone that gets released,



Again, like everything, the above won’t happen in a few days,

you gotta keep repeating the good stuff, and cutting back

the stuff which isn’t getting you where you want to be.


^^ ^^ ^^ That ain’t a boring “enjoy nothing life”, just do more of the things that will help rather than hinder regularly!


Don’t forget Summer is coming……………..

it’s better to keep body parts inside the clothing,

not spilling out.

It would then mean less to get sunburnt…… 😉

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