How to ruin a weekend!

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On Friday I went to a wedding – different for a wedding, but there you go!

Being a long day, it was inevitable that a few drinks were going to be drunk (yep even Personal Trainers have a blow out every now and then!). Well, this weekend gave me a reminder of what happens to your diet when you drink too much and get a hangover!

Cutting a long story short, we started at 1pm there wasn’t a sitdown meal, but a buffet, and this didn’t come out til 7pm, by which time, I’d had a couple of drinks…. A few (banned) sandwiches later, and some of the drink was soaked, but I don’t really do bread as I know it bloats me, and quite frankly it sucks!

Next morning I was up, just, and running bootcamp, but for the rest of the weekend, energy levels were shot, I was dehydrated, and some of the foods that I wanted to eat, proved that alcohol, in excess is a poor choice for anyone wanting to lose weight or be healthy.

You see alcohol is pure sugar, therefore your blood suagr levels and insulin release will be up and down all day. Over night, you liver is working overtime, your blood sugar levels drop underground, and when you wake, they need starting. You’re literally on a rollercoaster of blood sugar and carbohydrates, as your hormone levels try to adjust and your bodies receptors keep expecting sugary, quick fix carbohydrates. This sucked! And to think lot’s of people do this every weekend?! Well I can gaurantee that those people will no be looking good at the Christmas parties this year!

Let this be a lesson……don’t drink to excess kids…….. 😉

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