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Over the last 2 posts, we talked about the plan behind achieving things, and not failing again/bailing out – so finding the REAL reason why you want to achieve something.
Once you have the WHY, you can workout the WHAT you are going to achieve, so the specifics and when you will achieve them by.

The 3rd link in the chain is;


This “how” is literally that!
How you are going to achieve your “what?”

It could be a number of ways, but it’s worth writing them down in a list – so that you actually have your plan of attack;
– I will workout every day for at least 15mins
– I will get a gym membership, or buy some equipment from home
– I won’t drink alcohol during the week
– I will make tomorrow’s lunch the night before
– I will plan the evening meals at the weekend
– I will not eat any sweets or cakes until xxxx(date)
– I will remeasure myself every Sunday
– I will make sure every meal contains protein

All of the How’s should be things that will lead you towards your “What”.

Once you have the list, you’ve decided on your “What” and it’s achievement date, and found your “Why” for doing it in the first place, you should be fully armed for success!

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