If you run – do this!

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I’ve come across lots of injuries through running, and not just from muscle imabalances.

One of the most important areas for a runner is “big toe” mobility.

Think for a second, as you land and run through your “foot gait” – the last point of toe-off, is your big toe. Now this toe-joint can become compressed, locked, hypo-mobile, call it what you will. But what this means is that as you toe-off the big toe, it doesnt extend as much as it should and you end up pushing off with your ankle, knee or hip/lower back.


Fine a few times.

Disastrous over hundreds of steps. Eventually this will cause an injury in these areas.

This video is SO important to do before exercise, especially running. And takes just 1 minute. DO IT!

And if you get foot pain – here’s another cure!

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