If you want neck/back ache, carry on!

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Let’s cover a series of Fitness / Health myths,

you may have heard via word of mouth

or magazines/celeb talk!


First up – Situps and Crunches give you Abs!


Firstly, stop if you’re doing them

No, really – Look down, prod them – are they “tight”?!

If so, carrying on with what you’re doing as you’re obviously doing

the right things.

If not – forget it.


To get “Abs” you need to have a low body fat percentage.

This is achieved through a “good” clean/balanced diet –

Repeated OFTEN.


This ISN’T achieved through cranking out 100’s of sit-ups or crunches.

Many people talk about neck ache when doing sit-ups –

straight away show’s you’re not doing them properly.

Also, exercises should be about using as many

muscles as possible, this will place demand on the body,

use more calories per movement, and

recruit as many muscles fibres/body movements as possible.

Sitting on your back curling up like a dying beetle does little of this!

Ditch situps, and crunches. If you are going to do them, do it on a swiss ball

to save you back.


If you want to work Abs or Core try this video here – http://youtu.be/skCNFjh124A

Anyone who tells you an exercise will “burn fat and get you shredded”

is talking out of their butt! 70-80% of fat loss is what you put in your mouth

on a regular basis.
More great tips and information DAILY to help YOU!

So forget sit-ups/crunches, and question any instructor if they have you doing them


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