If you’re gonna do something….

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Do it well?

Or actually maybe even leave it?!

Plenty of of people go into things half hearted. You may have even done something yourself like that?

I’ll admit I have.

  • Managed half a planned workout, and finished early because you were tired, it got tough, or you lacked the motivation
  • Tried a nutrition plan or diet, and then ditched it after a few days because you got hungry (sign of a crap diet), got headaches, got bored, or were tempted by friends or something to another plan, or back to the old ways
  • Lost motivation on a goal or target because it was defined well enough – did you know exactly what you wanted, when you were going to achieve it by and how you were going to do it? Too many people set a goal which is more a hope or dream than a real target.
  • Gone into work, and left a the end of the day feeling that you’ve either cheated yourself, not really achieved anything through lack of planning, effort or interest?

At the end of the day, all of these things are likely to cause you stress – you’ll be living one day into the next to the next without really doing or getting anywhere – this is NO way to live, is it?!

They will give you negative feelings and will kill your motivation – everything that we’re trying to keep high, for positivity, success and achievement.

They Key?

Knowing what you are going to do, be it at work, workout, diet plan, schedule – and really know what you are doing….write it down, even in stages

Know when you will achieve it by and what you need to do either each day, hour etc to achieve it.

Ask yourself and others “WHY?!” Without asking why, it’s easy to fall into the flow of the river and be dragged along by other things and poeple…..don’t fall off your raft  – ensure YOU are the one paddling…… and not being carried along with the tide!


So….. this weekend, use it to think;

  • What do I want or need to do?
  • When do I need to do it by?
  • What do I need to do each day to achieve this?


Then you have a plan………… What’s your plan?!

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