If you’re not confident

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Think about this one for a second.

Think about those things you feel “confident” with/doing.

Think about the areas of life you’re NOT “confident’ with.

When you ARE confident, you’ll no doubt have experience in something – having achieved or conquered it before. You’ll have a PLAN/CLARITY on what needs to be done.
You’ll KNOW what to do if an obstacle crops up.

On the flip side;
you’ll likely lack confidence if you can’t really see a way forward.
Feel like you’re walking through fog, unsure when/where the end is.
You’ll possibly try something, but “lack confidence” as you’re possibly trying things the same way as last time(that didn’t work), or with no real Strategy on how you’ll achieve it.
It’s almost being left to ‘chance’.

So, if you want “Confidence” – KNOW what you’re doing and WHY, this will elevate the emotion further.

What areas do you maybe need to “build” confidence in, or find the ‘lack’ re-occurs?

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