Improving legs and butt shape

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So, for women, excess fat storage on the hips
and thighs is a sign of Estrogen dominance.

A lot of products nowadays, fake/man made ones,
actually mimic estrogenic properties, and are treated
the same way in the body. These are called Xenoestrogens

Lots of products absorbed by the skin get treated
this way, from chemicals in makeup, shampoo,
to plastics (microwaving food in plastic tubs, drinking
out of plastic bottles, especially if they’ve sat in warm cars)

Unfortunately, these hormones are present in cheaper foods
too, from artificial sweeteners, E numbers, and pesticides,
and hormones used on cheaper produce and meat.

This is why it’s always crucial to buy as good quality
food as you can afford, and stay away as much
as possible from “fake” foods, cheap meat – yep they might
“taste good” due to the sugar or flavourings added to trick you!

(If you want more info, google “Xenoestrogens in foods and products – Can highly recommend for chemical free products)

So what about exercises? Well, if you’re eating/drinking cleaner,
you can add in some of the following;
– Lunges and walking lunges (one of the best)
– Squats and Deadlifts
– Fast sprints and hill runs

“Jogging a few times per week will have minimal impact on changing legs/butt – you gotta work them!”

– Step-ups of a challenging height (around knee height)
– Intervals on a bike with resistance (not spinning at high reps, low resistance)
– Kettlebell swings

That should keep you going!
Don’t feel doom and gloom, as the above can paint
a “scary feature” – but as always,
change the things you can, and choose the best options
available – you can’t do anymore than that 🙂

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